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Dunning Kruger and You-ger

I’ve finally started catching up on the last few weeks of shows and I was about to drop The Time Bandit Chronicles Volume 1 on you today, and then my friend Brett had to go and write this article for City Arts Magazine about the Dunning-Kruger effect and comedy.

If you’re too lazy to read the article. Dunning and Kruger posited that dumb people are so dumb, they think they’re smart. This is confusing to me because almost everything I do is motivated by shame or hubris. So when I’m shame spiraling, I’m probably being too hard on myself, I wouldn’t feel like such a piece of garbage if I was an actual piece of garbage. I would be too dumb to see myself as anything other than a diamond.


I kind of look like a human version of Oscar the Grouch already

So when I’m hubristling out and I’m feeling good, should I take that as a sign that I’m about to do something stupid? Now that I think about it, that’s kind of the definition of hubris, isn’t it? But if I’m aware that I’m being hubristical, that means I’m self aware enough, and I should probably push right through the doubt. Right?

Man. Life is hard. Case in point, this blog post. Hubris led me to believe I had something interesting to say about this. The mounting shame I’m feeling with every reread says otherwise.

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