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Super Bowling

My phone died minutes after the Seahwawks won the Super Bowl. I was too excited to care, but when I finally got home and plugged my phone in, I wanted to let my mom know I survived. She knew I would be downtown wild’n out like Nick Cannon, and she worries. “Woooo” was all I had the energy to tap out.

The cable feed at the bar where I was watching the game cut out as soon as the National Anthem started. It stayed out for probably three full minutes. Three of the most panicked, butt sweat inducing minutes of my life. Comcast managed to get its act together long enough to show the entire punking of the Denver Broncos. It rained skittles in the Cask and Trotter for 3 hours and the Seahawks won Seattle’s first major sports championship in my lifetime.

With bellies full of Skittlebrau, my friends and I descended on Pioneer Square to join the revelry and maybe flip every car with Colorado plates (“Chevy Colorados too”). We didn’t flip any cars, but we did dance in the streets. I high fived and hugged every stranger who wanted in on that action.

I danced alone like this for a while too

When it was time to head home, I knew I wasn’t catching a cab in Belltown, so I started running down 1st Ave in the general direction of my Fremont apartment. I chugged down the middle of the street hooting, hollering, high fiving anyone brave enough to put a hand out the window, and offering gentle shoulder pats or window taps to those who weren’t.

I didn’t know what it felt like to see a team you care about win a championship, but I think the best I could sum up the feeling is, “WOOOOOOO!”

If you have any good celebration photos, send them to me ( and I’ll put them up here.


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