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Long Hair Don’t Carroll

Did you guys hear that the two teams playing in the Super Bowl are from states that have legalized marijuana? Have you guys heard that? Did you know that? Of course you did, because you know at least one person who considers him or herself “a bit of a cut up” hit you with a hilarious joke about it. Sideline joints, Doritos breaks, yadda yadda. The best thing to come out of this Super Bowl (other than a Seahawks Super Bowl Championship, of course) is reporters asking Pete Carroll about pot at press conferences.

“Deuces” -Pete Carroll

He doesn’t say anything really interesting about it. I just think it’s funny that reporters have to ask Pete Carroll questions about pot and Pete Carroll has a boring stock answer for it because it’s coincidentally relevant to a major sporting event. We live in a silly word, you guys. It’s pretty cool.


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