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I am Learning All Kinds of Stuff

Did you know you can get a parking ticket for expired tabs? I did not know that until yesterday, when I got one. Did you know you can get a parking ticket for a expired tabs two days in a row, even if the car has not moved? You sure can, I learned today. I also learned today that murciélago is Spanish for bat, and that’s why Bruce Wayne drives a Lamborghini Murciélago in Batman Begins. I had a lot more fun learning about Batman than I did learning about my neighborhood’s ruthless parking enforcement crew.

Yeah it’s all right, but my Taurus has character.

During yesterday’s show Luke talked about that weird kid thing he did where he imagined a giant saw blade extending out of the car and buzzing down the outside world. It made me remember the weird kid thing I did that was like that, but not that. Sometimes I would just notice where my feet were pointed and think, “what would happen if bullets just started shooting out of my feet right now?” If I was pointing them at anyone I would find new directions to point my feet guns. To this day, if I happen to notice that my foot is pointed directly at someone’s head, I will move it.

You were a little weirdo too, I bet.


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