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Seahawks Tickets? Seahawks tickets.

You can win Seahawks tickets you guys. SEAHAWKS NFC CHAMPIONSHIP SPORT FOOTBAWWW GAME! ARE YOU GUYS FREAKING OUT? Oh right, not everyone is in to sport and the Seahawks. SUCKS TO YOUR COLLECTIVE ASSMARS PIGGIES.

All right, I’ll settle down. I think I used up my caps lock allotment for the next month. Golden Globes happened. Right? I know how you guys feel about sport. I feel the same way about the Golden Globes. Tell me who won and what that means to you, but I don’t need to watch. I watched the opening monologue online today because you know, these two:

I’m talking about the Golden Globes because I knew there would be AP photos.

It’s always harder to find photos for the blog than I think it will be. I have to get Associated Press photos because there are laws about pictures on the internet that I don’t understand. Someone told me I can’t get in trouble if I use an AP photo, so I always do. Fun fact: I find at least half of the photos I use on the Toledo Blade website. I’m starting to think they don’t have a photographer on staff. Tough times at the Toledo Blade.

Listen to today’s show to learn more about those Seahawks tickets.

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