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Happy New Year’s, Jerks!

Happy New Year’s, jerks. Sorry I called you jerks. That was rude, but one my resolutions is to apologize more, and I figure if I’m just kind of a diaper bag half the time I’ll get plenty of practice.

My other New Year’s resolutions:

Shave with a Bowie knife… because I have to.
Convince someone else to perfect a lamb pho recipe
Sign an NBA contract
Put out that dumpster fire behind my apartment
Take over the entire Asian continent. In life, or a game of Risk


You couldn’t power NYE with your own sense of self-satisfaction?

My final resolution is to finish that map I promised. Here is the newest iteration. It’s still not done, but enjoy it. A lot of the cities aren’t recognized by the map server I’m using. I’ll have to manually add coordinates and I’m lazy so that will happen in small chunks over the next few weeks.

Keep in mind, this information is now on the internet. There is no password protecting this. If you are uncomfortable with any of your personal info on the internet, email me as soon as you can ( with your first name, city and the info you want removed.

Song of the day Dark Horse Katy Perry and Juicy J

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