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Didn’t even have to use my AK

Today was a good day. I got a free lunch. Got some work done. Felt good.

I don’t know if you listened to Thursday’s show yet, but I had a little bit of a weird out for a minute there. I’m a little embarrassed about some of the things I said. Nobody wants to hear me whine about my breakup. I’m not trying to be the Drake of podcasting. I’ll pull back the TBTL curtain and tell you guys we recorded Thursday’s show Wednesday night. It was the end of a long day for ol’ BlentFryberg, and I was a cranky bear.

I’ve been doing a lot thinking lately about what it means to be successful. I was watching an old Lakers and Pistons game with some buds the other day, and every one on the court looked slow. Not sluggish, they were incredible athletes. The game just moved slower. Michael Jordan never looks slow when you watch old Bulls games. No one else on the court is moving like Jordan. He was fluid. It’s like watching a mongoose run through a bamboo field.The whole NBA had to adjust. Jordan did what every rapper claims to do. He changed the game.

I used to think “changing the game” was the only way to be truly successful. To do one thing so well, that you leave a thumbprint on it. That’s dumb, because because I can think of a lot of people I consider successful who didn’t change the landscape of any major sports. Edgar Martinez, my Dad, the guy from Yakima who invited the bread bag twist tie, Sir Mix-a-lot, and Arj Barker are all successful people who didn’t have to devote all their time and energy to one thing. They got to be good a lot of things instead of the best at one thing. They got to be humans. Have you ever seen an commercial with Michael Jordan? He comes off like a guy who changed the game so he could be kind of a jerk all the time and still do commercials. Respect Jordan, wouldn’t want to hang out with Jordan. I’d rather be a person people want to hang out with.

Don’t forget, no matter what today was like, tomorrow could be a good day.

I’m gonna go put that map together that I promised you last week.

email me if you have any thoughts on what it means to be successful. Are you successful? If so, when did you know? If not, why not?

Song of the Day Drunk in Love by Beyonce (Beyonce changed the game with that surprise visual album.)

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