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TBTL: Thanksgiving Break Thug Life

Oh my gourd, you guys, my grandma is making dinner tomorrow and I’m going to eat so much of it. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (or as Adele calls it, “Fanksgiving”), and I hope if you like Thanksgiving as much as I do, you have a nice, warm place to gather with people you care about and stuff your grill.

I’m going to Grandma’s tomorrow for a family Thanksgiving, but I was also fortunate enough to get invited to a “Friendsgiving” last weekend. I ate so much I didn’t eat again until 4pm the next day. We danced on tables.

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Friendsgiving ’13: The Dancening

At one point my best bud Travis said something to me about memories. I don’t remember exactly what it was, because there was a lot of vino consumed, but I’ll put it in quotes and we’ll pretend this is exactly what he said, “I rank memories by how many dementors I could fight off with them. This memory will be able to handle at least a couple of dementors.”

Whether you’re doing a traditional family Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, or nothing at all. I hope the next few days create a memory good enough to fight off a couple of dementors.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and I’m sorry if you’re not a Harry Potter fan.

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