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Uber Party in the Sky Photos

I took some pictures last night at the Uber HQ while Luke and Andrew were podcast from 32 floors above the earth. I got to meet some really nice Tens including Sarah, Will, Dave, and some others who’s names I didn’t catch because I’m not great at human interaction. Everyone I met was an absolute peach. Enjoy some pics.


Richard Sherman’s face was there too.


There were roughly 10 Tens


Not a bad view for a podcast

If I put your face on here and you don’t want it on the internet, please let me know as soon as you can ( so I can take your face off. I will also take your face off your face and wear it like a mask.

Big thanks to Uber Jen and the very funny Uber Drew Barth for letting us take over their office.

It was Andrew’s last show while also being a Seattle resident. We’ll all miss him and his delightful neuroses. Even if I were to become “New Andrew” you can’t have “New Andrew” without an Andrew good enough to warrant keeping the name. Safe travels, buddy.

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