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Familial Love: Burbank Style

My favorite part of yesterday’s show was when Luke was playing his voicemails. It’s great because it started with Luke playing a silly voicemail, and ended with Luke realizing he was too busy making fun of his mom to remember to call his niece on her birthday. Then he almost gave us all Paula Poundstone’s phone number on accident. Classic Burbank. The blog was real focused on Andrew for a while there. Luke’s been getting off too easy.


Andrew might have had them for dinner. Not quite sure.

You guys were really on top of the secret Uber promo code. If you missed it, at the end of the show, Luke and Andrew announced that the first 10 people to enter the correct secret passcode in their Uber apps got an invitation to the live taping from Uber HQ tomorrow. The clue was that the password was Walsh related. I figured it out around six, and they were already gone. You guys are good. If you didn’t figure it out fast enough, you can still come to the Nitelite tommorow night to have a few drinkies with Andyana Jones before he takes over LA.

My song of the day Mouth Breather The Jesus Lizard

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