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Walsh Facts

I really didn’t think anyone was reading this, but now I know, there are at least three readers. On Monday I asked if you knew any interesting facts about our friend Andy, and now I have new Andrew Walsh facts to share with you. It’s Andy Walsh fun fact time!

Did you know that when threatened he is capable of expelling nearly 500mL of ink from specialized sacs under his beard? Listener Raul has seen it. Andrew dropped his wallet on the street one day, and Raul tried to return it to him. Andy only heard a stranger behind say something about a wallet. Assuming he was being mugged, he spun showered poor Raul, ruining his favorite Minnie Mouse t-shirt.

Listener Maegan noted that 12-year-old Andrew constructed a lifesize replica of Kenny G, complete with sax and receding, curly mane. Even more impressive, he did it with his feet in under 2 minutes. Video of the event has since been confiscated by Ice-T and Mariska Hargitay

Today’s final Andy fun fact: In a drunken rage Andrew once attempted to burn the words “NO DAIRY” into the side of an Applebees in Vermont when they forgot to remove the “soft cheese” from his cowboy barbecue burger. He accidentally burned the Applebees and the neighboring nail salon to the ground. I’m pretty sure that was what listener Elysia was hinting at when she commented that “NO DAIRY” was what came to mind when thinking of fun facts about Andrew.

Just so you guys know, I started a new job and I’m in training all day long for a month or so. The blogging might be a little more sporadic than usual until I settle into my new gig. Thanks in advance for your patience.

More Andy fun facts in the comments, please. This is fun for me.

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