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Wanna Play a Game?

As you all know, our beloved Old Andrew, Andrew Walsh, is leaving sunny Seattle for smelly, rotten garbage-hole Los Angeles. He’s well into his Bukowski phase with a serious case of Goudy heavy face. There were so many rhymes in that last sentence because my rap skills are as real as the streetz.

As far as I know, Andrew has not read the blog since I took over. Which is fine, he’s a busy guy, he’s got stuff going on. So I’m on here talking about him almost everyday, writing things he’ll never see. I could, conceivably, make things up about him on the blog everyday. I won’t do that, but I will report a bunch of Andy Walsh fun facts. Fun Fact #1: Did you Andrew Walsh set a Guinness record for largest popsicle stick structure constructed by an 8 year old in Ohio? It’s since been broken, so you can’t look it up, but it’s true. I assure you.

Post your best Andrew Walsh facts in the comments, and I’ll put my favorites in the blog. Don’t tell him. I want to see how long it takes for him to organically discover that we’re talking about him on here everyday. Or you guys could ignore me like when I asked you to send me costume photos to put in the blog and I can cry myself to sleep again.

(And I’mm sorry about what I said about LA Tengelenos. I just get all emotional when I think about Andrew leaving us.)

My song of the day Not Your Lemonade – Major Lazer/ La Roux/ Gucci Mane


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