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Walshky We Hardly Knew Ye

If you haven’t listened to Monday’s show by now, I have some bad news for you. Known communist Andrew Walsh is packing up his Castro hat and taking it to sunny California. He’s got a new gig in Los Angeles that he’s excited about, so I’ll do my best to not be mad at him. Just don’t become a person who says “Cali,” Andrew. Those people are the worst.


Enjoy the smog.

When I’m feeling blue, I just try to excercise the sadness away. If you’re feeling down about losing your favorite internet radio Andy, think about going for a run with us this Saturday. Luke’s organizing a #teameaglesoar Seattle Marathon training run this Saturday. If you’re looking to hang out, get a run in, or maybe just watch me sweat and spit a lot, come soar with us.

Luke’s song of the day 2 Live & Die in LA

My song of the day Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now The Smiths

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