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Spider in the Gutty Works

Today’s edition of TBTL is coming FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE. It was a regular spookstravaganza in Burbank Studios in honor of Halloween. Luke plays the traditional David Bose spooky story, Hot Greg reviews Paranormal Activity, a gypsy curses Luke, 16-year-old me narrowly avoids jail time, and a family of Spiders sets up shop in Andy’s guts.


Luke went all out for his costume this year.

If you think you have a baller costume, tweet a picture at me (@blentfryberg) and I’ll post it on the blog soon. Have fun, be safe, and have more fun.

I have no idea what the song of the day was. I googled the lyrics and got nothin’. That’s some bootleg weirdness.

My song of the day Werewolf Bar Mitzvah


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