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Leading From the Rear and Eating Your Vegetables

Hoo boy. That Seahawks game wore me out. Don’t hate Golden Tate. Guys like Golden Tate are always going to be around, I might as well enjoy it while he’s on the sport team I prefer most.


“You smell that? Success. And a nacho burp.” -GT

Make sure to check out both parts of Luke’s interview with David Simon. He made The Wire. “You haven’t seen The Wire? Dude you have to watch The Wire.” You have been on one side of that conversation at least once in your life. Apparently we’ve been waging a war on a concept for decades, and it’s not working out in David Simon’s eyes. I’m talking about the war on drugs, and so is David Simon today on TBTL.

My song of the day Guilty As Charged Chairlift

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