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Origin Story

Gather round, tens, and I’ll tell you the tale of how I ended up one of you.

Do you have a “music guy” friend who spends a lot more time listening and researching music than you, so you take his, or maybe her (this is what a feminist looks like), music suggestions more seriously? Sure you do. Well I have a “radio guy” friend who told me one day a few years ago that I should check out this podcast. In a room full of people he, said, “Flyberg, you specificially would like this show.” Then pulled up the most recent episode and hit play. About three minutes later he said, “It’s usually better than this,” and shut it off.

I downloaded a few episodes and threw them on any time I had a long drive, or laundry to do. The ongoing conversation I was having with friends I’d never actual met became a part of my routine. I used to run a hookah bar in Capitol Hill and everyday I would put on that day’s edition and let it keep me sane while I scraped gum off of couch coushions (some people’s kids…) and prepared the lounge for an evening of explaining to teenagers “I’m the one who works here, so I get to pick the music, and if you don’t like it you can leave.”

My jobs and daily routines have changed a lot but I managed to keep up with the gang’s antics. Sometimes I was waiting for it to drop so I could put it on my headphones at work, other times I was time banditing a month’s worth of shows in the course of a couple days.

I’ve gone on a lot of runs, drives, and walks across town with these lovable knuckleheads arguing in my ears, and yesterday I got to go to Burbank Studios and argue with them in person about Wes Anderson, Arby’s, artificial sweetener, and Grays Harbor County. I was nervous enough to stop at the QFC on my way to buy a beer I drank in my parked car outside Luke’s house. I hope I didn’t ruin the show for anyone and I had a good time being there.

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I was there y’all.

I hope I didn’t ruin the show for anyone and I had a good time being there. After the show Luke and I went to a pho place down the street to grab lunch, and who do I see sitting in the corner about to eat by himself? The “radio guy” himself who introduced me to the show years ago.

All that was a long way of saying, I don’t know how anything in this universe works, but I’m thankful that I get to scribble out my dumb jokes for you. I’m thankful you read this far. I’m thankful for the technology that makes it possible for all of us tens across the world to get together and continue our trivial conversation everyday. Because the conversation’s topics might be trivial sometimes, but the fact that we get to have it is not.

You’re beautiful and I’m glad we all get to live in this world together. Have a great weekend. I’ll be back Monday and I won’t talk about myself so much. I promise.

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