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This is Why Luke Can’t Have Nice Things

“And that’s why you always back up your data,” the one armed man will say when he returns the Macbook Luke left unattended to buy Jack Links at the Hudson News in LAX. I sincerely hope that $11 pouch of salty meat snack was the best jerky you’ve ever had.


Where was officer Helmet McNomotorcycle when thvierousness was afoot?

Yes, Luke was the victim of computer theivery, and that’s bad news for all the audio drops TBTL has been collecting for the last few years.

These are the drops I will miss most:

“Case cloched”

Sean saying “Beagle bagel bag-el.”

Sean saying “Chevre.”

“I might have tacos…”

What drops are you going to miss? And where do you fit in the gambler spectrum? One end being Walshky, the other end Luke. I’m definitely on the Waslh side, but not full Walsh.

Luke’s song of the day Let Down Radiohead

My song of the day Back That Up Juvenile (because, duh)

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