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Roger’s Exciting Tattle Tale

Wednesday we learned that despite all their cookie related rage, Luke and Andrew are still just some rats in a cage who need to answer their damn phones. They talked a little Catfish and figured out that it’s a lot like a procedural crime drama. You know how it’s going to end, but it’s more about how they take you to that end. Did Luke not see that episode where the guy got arrested for possesion of a deadly weapon on his way to meeting his internet girlfriend?

Luke’s Wednesday song – Everybody’s Gotta Learn Some Time Beck

My Wednesday song – Province – TV on the Radio



On Thursday’s show Luke interviews Roger Lowell, the Roger of Roger’s Exciting Tattle Tale Room in Culver City. Luke says it’s his favorite bar and it sounds like a sweet place run by a sweet dude. I like a bar HOLY CRAP MARSHAWN LYNCH JUST KNOCKED DARNELL DOCKETT’S HEAD OFF… Sorry. I might be watching the Seahawks game as I write this. Go listen to the interview. Roger and his wife are real gems. Go Hawks.

Luke’s song of the Day- Drunken Angel Lucinda Williams

My song of the day – Rap God Eminem

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