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192 Pounds of Sweet Sorrow

Hey guys, sorry I missed you yesterday. Luke mentioned before that I steal wifi from the bar under my apartment, so if I don’t post, assume they were having router issues I was unable to address.

Things got pretty dark around here while I was gone. Luke threatened to kill Sean and/ or Andrew for McDonald’s french fries and/or the the ability to vanish nine pounds. Radio megastar Bean Baxter stopped by to drop some sage advice while slumming it at Burbank Studios. Example: “You’re not a Lifetime movie, Luke, you’re an adult.”




Sean and Andy might get murked for some of these.

Luke’s song of the day Wednesday- Major Leagues – Pavement

My song of the day Wednesday – 25 Bucks – Danny Brown Ft. Purity Ring

Thursday Luke posted part one of his interview with Andy Haynes about his very recent divorce. It’s a candid discussion about marriage and modern relationships through the perspective of a very funny, thoughtful comedian. I don’t have any dumb jokes about it. It is insightful, sometimes heart breaking, and other times funny. I strongly suggest you listen and tune in tomorrow for part two.

Luke’s song of the day – So You Think You’re In Love – Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians

My song of the day – Climax – Usher

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