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You Don’t Pick Your Family or Your Government

Luke and Andrew start the show off by falling into a 90’s earnest alt rock wormhole. Luke is a lot more interested in dissecting New Radicals’s lyrics than he is in the news lately, which scares him because he’s a contestant on Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! this weekend. If he’s lucky, Toad and/or the Wet Sprocket will step in and settle this government shutdown business before he gets to Chicago.


My guess is the guy on the far left is Toad

This government shut down is tearing us apart, Lisa! The hysteria took over Andrew, resulting in a case of e-parricide. People are getting riled up and making rash decisions on the internet. Are you happy Congress? If your goal was to force people to write uncomfortable emails, well done. Figure it out, government. Our Facebook feeds are annoying and there are parks I want to visit.

Luke’s song of the day – No Cars Go Arcade Fire

My song of the day Helicopter (Diplo & Lunice remix) – Deerhunter

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