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Pour one out for Brian Hoyer’s ACL.

Last night Waslhky’s beloved Cleveland Brown’s took a serious hit. They lost their home town, golden boy quarterback to a knee injury. Tyroil Smoochie-Wallace walked away unharmed.

Martin Short hand fed Luke a donut last night. So Luke wins this round.


It looked a little something like this I bet.

What is Tweeter? A hot commodity on the stock market I hear. I’d like to judge all those people for accidentally buying the wrong stock, but I bought an English degree. I took out a loan to buy an English degree. I’m not qualified to judge your investment decisions.

Stick around to the end if you want to hear the Japan’s number one mixer origin story.

Enjoy your Friday!

Andrew’s song of the day- Travelling Wilburys – Tweeter and the Monkey Man

My song of the day – Montell Jodan – This Is How We Do It

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