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Greetings from Beautiful Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggag-oggchaubunagungamaugg

That’s the name of a real lake in Massachusetts. I learn something new every day listening to TBTL. Another thing I learned today, Sean DeTore has a novelty underwear collection. That information should surprise no one.

The guys were talking about the emotional connections they have made with various t-shirts in their lives, and reminded me of a t-shirt buddy I lost recently. I was getting dressed for a show a few weeks ago and I pulled this old grey striped shirt out of the drawer and remembered that it was the shirt I wore for my first paid gig as a standup comedian in 2008. I reflected for a moment about how different my life was then, and how much change this shirt had seen, then threw it on and went about my business.


The last time anyone saw the shirt alive.

My business being, eating sushi with my girlfriend Marsha and then the show. At the restaurant I dropped a piece of dragon roll in my soy sauce dish from just below my mouth, spraying inky sauce all over the shirt. Marsha assured me should could help me get it out and as we walked down Broadway towards my show we witnessed a gnarly bike crash. Curtis McNohelmet went face first over the handlebars and face first into the concrete. Marsha was quick to react, sprinting across the street and telling him to lay down. She took one look at the oozing crater above his right eye and turned to me,

“Quick, give me your shirt.”
“What? No.”
“Brent, give me your shirt!”
“What? I don’t have another shirt. I’m just supposed to walk around with no shirt on?”
“It’s your shirt or mine!” So I gave her my shirt.

She used it to slow the torrent of blood pouring out of that dude’s face, and I learned a couple valuable lessons that day. 1. Marsha is very collected under pressure and 2. I’m a huge jerk, because if you’re bleeding to death out of a hole in your face, I won’t give you my shirt to stem the tide because I have body image issues and emotional connections to clothing.

Sorry, enough about me. Be sure to listen to the show if you haven’t already. They got around to reading a bunch of emails, so if you had opinions about hashtags or Slate writer’s genders, maybe you’re on the show too.

Luke’s song of the day: Lightning Bolt- Jake Bugg

My song of the day Pain – Pusha T

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