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Shut It Down, America


I wish I was smart enough to make a good political joke. I guess that hasn’t stopped most of my Facebook friends. I just want this to be over so I can stop seeing poorly informed rants (from both sides of the imaginary aisle) in my feed. We get it, Facebook pundits. You think things about stuff, and you have an internet connection. Can we go back to crushing candy sagas and making fun of Luke for internet faux paus? Oh, we can?


Hal-senberg is not impressed with your joke.

Yes we can. Si se puede! Luke recycled an old joke on twitter and former blogger, current arch-nemesis, Handsome Jake Barker called him out. Luke deleted the tweet because he “couldn’t handle the heat.” You know what they say, Luke – If you can’t handle the heat, get out out of the twitchen. That one’s for Sean.

If you’d like to learn how you can get paid to brush your teeth, “the whitest listener” (Tony!) Toni(!) (Tonè!) was on the line to talk about her affinity for couponing in an extreme fashion. I stopped listening after they disparaged summer sausage, but I’m sure there is some good stuff in there.

Luke’s song of the day- “Looking Forward to Seeing You” Golden Smog
My song of the day- “Bizarre Love Triangle” New Order

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