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Luke is Not the One Who Knocks

Big Dawg Burbank is back from Atlanta and he has the emotional scarring of a trip to Waffle House and that hint of Confederate sympathy in his voice to prove it. Did you guys know about this “smothered & covered” thing they do down there? Cheese and/or onions covering and/ or smothering your food item is an option at Waffle House apparently. Why is that not an option EVERYWHERE?
“I’ll have the pulled pork sandwich, smothered and covered, with fries, also smothered and covered, and a garden salad with smothered and covered instead of dressing, please and thanks.” -Me, ordering in the south.


Luke watched a strong season opening SNL with Tina Fey and a bunch of fresh faced future stars and even more fresh faced future “remember that guy?” guys, but did not watch the Breaking Bad finale. Whatever, I’m not going to get all effusive “you haven’t seen Breaking Bad?!” fanboy on him. I couldn’t make it all the way through my first attempt and had to start over. If you haven’t seen it, I would suggest finding a friend or loved one willing to take that journey with you. My first attempt was solo and I only made it halfway through the second season. It might be too emotionally vexing to handle alone. I would also advise against catching up in one weekend. One of your internal organs will explode.

Luke’s song of the day- “Let It Rain” OK Go
My song of the day- “The Rock” Deer Tick

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