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Paronychia Pals

Holy cow, guys. Luke’s finger malady turned out to be paronychia. Case Cloched. I myself just had to fight off a nasty bout of paronychia. The good news is cephalexin will clear that right up. The bad news is cephalexin pills smell like a fart. Enjoy those burps, Luke. The Burbanks are off to Atlanta because Luke can’t get enough of the ATL.


Look at all the Atlantens

So we get one from the archives today. Listen and recall the time someone finally gave United Airlines and those damn Girl Scouts the indirect podcast tongue-lashings they deserved. He was mad as hell and he wasn’t gonna take it anymore.

Lukes song of the yesterday: “Photojournalist” by Small Black
My song of the day “ATLiens” by OutKast

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