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The Waiting’s the Hardest Part

If you live in the Seattle area and you’re wondering what all this traffic was about, it’s the annual Microsoft meeting at Key Arena. Luke said he was co-hosting that didn’t he? Thanks a lot Luke. Sincerely, all of us who had to sit in gridlock.


Anywho, that’s probably why there’s no show up yet, but I bet we get to hear about it when the next show does go up later tonight. After his last Microsoft home run, I’m anxious to hear how it went.
I bet we hear about some food Luke ate and situation that made Andrew uncomfortable. Who knows? Maybe that bartender from Glendale who Luke owes money will email in. That would be fun.
Have a great Thursday mighty tens.

Luke’s song of the day: TBD
My song of the day: “Lungs” CHVRCHES

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