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HOWLin’ at the Moon

Sean DeTore’s back and he brought a whole bunch of triscuits and hummus with him. He also teamed up with Andrew to hurt Luke’s feelings and introduce a new term to the TBTL lexicon, HOWL- Hanging Out Without Luke. I’m HOWLing right now. It’s great! Triscuit nachos washed down with fernet and Coke great!

If you would like to hang out with Luke, he’s gonna get a six mile eagle soar on and you’re invited. If you’re also training for the Seattle half marathon and would like to meet up for the run October 13th, send Luke an email so he can keep you updated. If you’re really cool you’ll light up a cigarette at the finish line like Luke’s male friend Skylar.


If I were better at photoshop there would be a cigarette in that eagle’s beak

The fellas then debated the merits of asking you, the 10s, to go vote for TBTL as best local podcast in the KING5 Best of Western Washington contest. They never really committed to begging for your votes, because Luke wants to win, but doesn’t want to look like he cares about winning, just in case he loses. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. Like any sane person would like to do with cake. So go there and vote for TBTL, Sean’s podcast The Mixtape, or Andrew Walsh for best radio personality. Or you could do none of those things and go eat cake. It’s your life.

Luke’s song of the day: Band of Horses “Laredo”

My song of the day: Bloc Party “The Prayer”

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