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In the Hot Pocket with Japan’s #1 Mixer

On today’s TBTL we got to listen to Luke listen to the sound of his own voice, and then we got to listen to Luke listen to the sound of his own voice some more. It was a lot better than that sentence made it sound.

TBTL’s favorite repeat(s) guest Sean DeTore stopped by to make Andrew feel insecure and put a few puns in the oven. SDT is to TBTL as the Queen of England is to the UK. He doesn’t contribute a lot to the operation any more, but I feel safer knowing he’s alive. God save the Sean DeTore.

Sean, Andrew, and Luke started the show by playing with Luke’s new toy, a megaphone with voice altering settings. It sounded like fun for them, and a future nightmare for internet sweetheart Carey Burbank, who will surely regret purchasing a tool through which Luke can be more annoying.


After Andrew declared his desire to put his evil inside of you, the gang moved on to more pressing business, TALKING ABOUT ME. Hi! My name is Brent Flyberg and I will be guest blogging for the time being. I tell jokes on stage sometimes and all the other times I’m not wearing pants. It’s a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to getting to know you better 10s.

I only came up because I was there for the subject of the 2nd half of the show, Luke’s daring foray into the world of crowd work. Comedian Todd Barry is doing an entire tour dedicated to crowd work, and if you’re not familiar with the term, crowd work is what comedians call it when you get on stage without any prepared material and “work the crowd” to get your jollies.

After having Todd on LiveWire to talk about crowd work, Luke decided to try 3 minutes on stage at the Comedy Underground in Pioneer Square with nothing but his wits to keep him afloat. As a member of the audience, I can tell you, it went okay. He did much better than I anticipated. You can listen to him say “twerk” a few times and pay the audience to listen to him (Luke also mentions a joke that a very funny gentleman named Mike Coletta made).

Then Andrew swore a lot, illegally petted some goats, and was neurotic about bathroom time. It was a banner day for everyone involved. My song for the day is Karl Blau’s “Into the Nada” because stand up comedy often feels like vocalizing into the nada.

TBTL song of the day: Andrew Bird – A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head

My song of the day : Karl Blau – Into the Nada

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