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You Should Probably Get That Looked At

On today’s show Luke is dying of MRSA but chooses to spend more time talking about it then it would ever take to see a doctor. I have been using that same technique for years so I think he’ll be fine. He also brings back “Is That Rude?” a segment introduced last week. When it debuted Luke was informed by Lynn Shelton and Andrew that it was not in fact rude for an employee of a restaurant to request money in exchange for an item. Who knew?

This time Luke has a much better case. He was at the gym and a man turn his cell phone on speaker and proceeded to have a loud conversation while on the treadmill AND while doing crunches. Yes, this is clearly rude. Luke also asks if it would be rude to post a video of this on Facebook. That’s a trickier question.


I believe it is rude to post video of another human being you don’t know on a social networking site. But we’re not dealing with a human being. This is a sweaty, grunting monster who must be stopped. His photo should be on the door of every gym with a sign saying, “NO CREEPS ALLOWED.” His family should be pointed at as they walk down the street until they leave him and start a life in a new town with new names. Yes, it’s rude.

TBTL Song of the Day: “Mercy, Mercy Me” by Marvin Gaye
My Song of the Day: “Mercy” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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