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Cower in the Corner

What would you do if there was a TV producer who was creating a show that made people uncomfortable with fake scenarios? Would you say something? Luke is. He takes issue with this video of a true American hero standing up to a bigot. I honestly love this show, but not for the right reasons. I enjoy the fake holier-than-thou attitude the host has about the situation. They really shame the people who don’t do anything and praise the ones who stand up. They are really trying to convince people that this show is a public service that questions the moral fiber of human beings, as opposed to a TV show that only exists to fill space when there’s no new episodes of Big Bang Theory.


Plus it turns out that “Twerk Video” was fake. Personally, I thought it was the biggest fail in the history of twerking, and it really set the web ablaze. Actually I refused to watch it as well. But if you did think it was real and you found it funny, why? The girl is on fire. She could have been really badly hurt. She’s not your friend. You don’t know her. Stop laughing at her. Jerks. (seriously major fail tho) If you enjoyed that “first time slammer” clip at the beginning it’s a clip from Kyle Mooney, who joins SNL this year and is featured in the video for my song of the day below. Lastly, if you’re having issues where the back part of the tie is poking out, tie a knot that requires more fabric, such as a full windsor as opposed to a half windsor.

TBTL Song of the Day: IDK

My Song of the Day: “Persona” by Superhumanoids

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