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Producers Schmoducers

NPR has stopped crediting its producers on Fridays and the gang is divided. Luke thinks they just took the sparkle out of those poor employees’ lives, but now that Andrew is a bigshot radio host he doesn’t care about producers getting the shaft. I think TBTL should take a page from their book and Luke should just refuse to say Andrew’s name ever again on the show. What we can all agree on is This American Life is a cute little show that you should definitely check out some time.


Also on the show we get to hear from known psychopath Golfman. Andrew responded to one of his emails and this seemed to fill the little troll with joy. The email sounds strangely joyous at first but then quickly devolves into a Breitbart-esque rant about birth control. I wish Gmail had an option to “View email as spiral.”

TBTL Song of the Day: “Man In The Mirror” by Michael Jackson
My Song of the Day: “Roll The Credits” by Peter Bjorn & John

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