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Professor Suit Goes Back To School

Yesterday was Labor Day, which to many marks the unofficial end of the summer. I don’t fully understand Labor Day. I actually wasted most of day volunteering for the Sierra Club before I realized it wasn’t the tree planting one. Since summer ended we thought it was about time to announce The Song of The Summer, and I’m pretty psyched you guys chose “I Love It” by Icona Pop over either of the more obvious choices this year. Way to be Tens.

Also on the show, Andrew, finally grows up and buys some nice clothes. To be fair, he is a little younger than Luke, and he wasn’t breastfeeding as long. Specifically he wasn’t on the giving end of the breastfeeding, as listener Dan depicted in this horrifyingly beautiful image:


TBTL Song of the Day: “Same Damn Time” by Beat Connection
My Song of the Day: “J’aime Vous Voir Quitter” by Islands

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