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Biggest Hot Dog

That and other Guinness World Records are discussed as Luke and the gang check in today. While Luke’s on vacation, I’ve been trying to set the record for least amount of effort put into this blog. So below is what I wrote when this interview originally aired. (note: I have since listened to the entire episode, and it’s great)

Today’s show features Ned Ryerson himself, Stephen Tobolowsky. I haven’t actually gotten to listen to the whole episode yet since I left my iPhone in my mother’s car, which she then drove to Malibu. I have listened to Mr. Tobolowsky’s podcast before however, and the episode about the making of Groundhog Day is absolutely fascinating. Apparently the movie was supposed to be more of a Stripes-style Bill Murray gone wild flick. But Harold Ramis completely changed the tone at the last minute to create the Buddhist manifesto we all love today.

TBTL Song of the Day: “The Charging Sky” by Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins
My Song of the Day: “Chum” by Earl Sweatshirt

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