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Latchkey Luke

Much like Luke, I am currently left to my own devices while my girlfriend is on a business trip. For me it’s just involved catching up on Breaking Bad, playing the game Gone Home and maybe having a little too much pizza and beer. But while Luke heads on vacation he has not left us unsupervised. Today we listen back to the first hour of Drew McFrizz’s week of interviews from 2009. Luke scoured the Internet for hours so he could bring these to you each day this week. (Personally it took me about 3 seconds for me to find them). Hour 1 is a great episode though, and I look forward to listening to the rest as the week progresses. I promise I won’t skip ahead.



TBTL Song of the Day: N/A (Should be “Jail Guitar Doors” by The Clash)
My Song of the Day: “Pendulum” by Pure Bathing Culture

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