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Drew McFrizz makes a non-conjugal visit to TBTL to discuss the quality and realism of Orange is the New Black. I finished the show a while ago, so by the time this episode rolled around I felt like I didn’t even care what Luke thought, but as soon as he started talking I found myself getting irritated (and not just in the usual way).


After listening to what Luke considered to be nice things to say about the show, I wanted to listen back to his original rant and compare his remarks. Unfortunately I don’t have an extra three hours to get this post up. I do recall, however, that one of his major complaints was a lack of realism, and his new complaint seemed to be “not unrealistic enough.” They definitely did add a fare amount of excitement to the show that did not exist in the book. But if nobody gets shived I guess it’s all a bit dull for Manly McBurbank. Why am I being so harsh and dismissive? You, Luke! I learned it from watching YOU! You’re welcome listeners.

TBTL Song of the Day: “Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash
My Song of the Day: “Prison Food” by Ben Folds

P.S. I do agree that Natasha Lyonne is great in everything.

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