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Thank you, Tens, for proving me right again. Listen, I’m not being paid to be here. I’d be happy to just step down, but somebody here has to be on the side of the listeners. So since Luke doesn’t really read these anyway, let’s all agree not to tell him that I’m still blogging for the show. I think the reason it was so hard for fans of “Orange is the New Black” to listen to Luke’s rant on the series is because he spent more time talking about it than actually watching the show. I personally would have liked to just skip past that portion of the show and not given it a second thought, but since up until today I was legally obligated to listen to the show I decided to write about it. Also I just needed to point out that Luke was just objectively wrong and a bad person for not liking a show I like.


Now let’s move to an equally contentious subject, the Song of the Summer. Here is your updated bracket. Vote away!

TBTL Song of the Day: “You’ve Got Time” by Regina Spektor
My Song of the Day: “Never Wrong” by Foreign Born

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