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Luke is the new wrong

I wish Luke the best of luck now that he’s moved on from The Luke Burbank Show. He’s making the type of decision we all need to make more. The kind that’s scary and takes us out our comfort zone and forces us into a new more creative, more fulfilled life. I am a fan of Luke Burbank, that’s why I write this for free every day. I really look forward to whatever he does next with excitement and anticipation. I have no doubt it will be great.

That being said, he’s objectively incorrect about his distaste for Orange is the New Black. While I’m sure a lot of the reason for the nudity at the very open of the show is to hook people in, I don’t think it’s the main reason. It starts with the main character, Piper, in the jail shower naked and terrified. It’s not sexy. Then they show her in the shower naked with her ex-girlfriend, Alex. It may seem sexy at the time, but the more you learn about their relationship, it’s not. I think the bigger reason for these scenes is to contrast her past frivolous relationship with Alex, with her now much bleaker existence caused by that woman. Or maybe it’s just because people like naked women.


Luke also claims that he doubts this type of WASPy woman would really end up in prison WHEN IT’S BASED OFF A MEMOIR! That doesn’t mean everything in the show really happened. I don’t find it particularly unbelievable either, as this is a minimum security prison. There are a few broad moments, because it is a comedy. But they are balanced out by plenty of very real moments by great, mostly unknown actors. That’s just my opinion, but it is also fact.

TBTL Song of the Day: “Sayonara” by Mary Lou Lord”
My Song of the Day: “Don’t Kiss Me Goodbye” by Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle

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