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Why’d You Do That?

Luke is back from Portland to chat with Andrew about the joys of going to bed before Jeopardy starts and throwing guacamole at unicyclists. The latter of which sounds like a sketch from the Portland videos Luke made, but is really just a horrible thing he did. It would have been much more frightening to me because I am allergic avocados. Don’t tell anyone though, or they will revoke my California driver’s license. I have been a Californian for a year now, and I am pretty in love with the state. The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson really embodies that Californian spirit in a way you only see now when Don Draper puts on his aviators and goes West. I’m also in love with late night television, which is why I hosted a fake late show in Seattle for a couple years. So I completely agree with Luke’s endorsement of the American Masters documentary about Carson on Netflix. I was in tears within the first five minutes.


Also on the show, NFL quarterback Riley Cooper is under fire for using the n-word at a Kenny Chesney concert. To be fair, he was just singing along.

TBTL Song of the Day: “The Wild Hunt” by The Tallest Man on Earth

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