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Phox Trot

Luke is still in Portland working on stuff for his show Livewire. If you haven’t checked it out you can here. Personally I haven’t listened (not a fan of the host).Yesterday we are treated to some great stuff he recorded at Capitol Hill Block Party and today that continues with the band PHOX. If you haven’t been satisfied with the Song of the Summer contest so far, you have to be pleased with the amount of amazing new music we’re bringing to you now.


In other TBTL music-related news our friends at Cumulus have released a video for their song “Do You Remember,” which has rightfully been played on TBTL many times at this point. The video is directed by the immensely talented Jordan Albertsen. FUN FACT: I used to work at a grocery store with Jordan and Alex from Cumulus would come in to it all the time. I might not know what “fun” means.

TBTL Song of the Day: “Espeon” by PHOX

My Song of the Day: “I’m Going Down” by Vampire Weeekend

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