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Attack The Block Party


Luke was backstage at the Capitol Hill Block Party and he brought us back some terrific recordings. He interviewed the band Hey Marseilles. It’s pronounced ‘mar-say’ not ‘Hey Marcel,’ and apparently not “Hey, Marcel, did you poo in the shoe?” as I have been pronouncing it. I assumed the band was just huge fans of Friends during the monkey years. Also joining Luke backstage were a very intoxicated Rose Windows. For those of you playing Six Degrees of Handsome Jake along at home, I was friends with singer Raabia’s sister as a young boy. I don’t believe I ever met her, but if I did she definitely was too young to be twerking yet. I hadn’t really listened to either of these bands and I thought they were both amazing, I hope you did as well.

TBTL Song of the Day: “Like Eating Glass” by Bloc Party

My Song of the Day: “When I Drink” by The Avett Brothers

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