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Spike Lee saw found out about the Zach Braff and Veronica Mars Kickstarter and now he’s gotta have it! But so far the clockers are saying it looks like he does not got game. Maybe he’ll get lucky at the 25th hour and this will be the summer of Spike. But I got an inside man who says Spike is already saying about lady luck, “She hate me.” I think the real reason Spike Lee has had trouble raising the money is unlike Rob Thomas and Zach Braff, he’s made a lot of movies. A lot of those movies were good, but a lof of them were bad. Nobody wants to donate a bunch of money to a movie that has about a 40% chance of being awful.

Did that bit above seem strained enough? No where near as strained as Bruce Willi’s recent interview promoting Red 2, nor as strained as that segue. While it may have been pretty uncool of Bruno to treat this poor host this way, he has a lifetime pass in my book. In case you didn’t realize, Bruce Willis starred in what may be the greatest film of all time and possibly the official movie of TBTL, Die Hard. If I could forgive him for Die Hard 4 and 5, then I can forgive him for this awkward interview.

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