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Yeah, Seattle…Nirvana

Jen is back on the show today and fills us in on what she’s kinda done with. One of those things is possibly the most infuriating thing in the world, yelling song requests at concert. There is only one thing anyone is allowed to yell at concerts and it’s “WOO!” and you get one per show. That’s it. Jen also noted a large amount of PDA at The Wallflowers concert she went to. That’s what I’m kinda done with.

I went to see Jeff Goldblum play jazz piano at a bar down the street, which was amazing. Not only did he play great music but he did the movie game with the audience between shows and hit on attractive, young acting students in the front row. It was great, but there was a couple right in front of us making out. Then a week later I saw those same people making out in front of me in line at the Upright Citizens Brigade and another couple was making out behind us! I get why Jeff Goldblum referencing The Big Chill would turn you on, but improv comedy? Unacceptable.


I agree with Jen that there are about 8 million things I can’t handle about concerts. That’s why I only go to concerts at The White House now where everyone is on their best behavior. (The past 5 concerts I went to were Yo Yo Ma)

TBTL Song of the Day: “Maria” by Justin Townes Earle

My Song of the Day: “Girl Like An Ostrich” by Kye Alfred Hilig

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