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On today’s show Luke and Andrew bemoan the endless drudgery of physical ailment stories and not-so-subtle braggadociary that Facebook has become. Which reminds me, I have just been aching so bad from my work out today. Also, could people please stop staring at me while I’m pumping iron? I mean I’m not that attractive, am I?


Also on the show, you filthy miscreants are apparently a part of the flip-flop problem ravaging our great nation, and this guy is losing it over a pitbull on his porch and he is furious that strangers across the street have not come to rescue him from the terrifying, rabid canine. Coming up later this week comedian Hari Kondabolu andDavid Muhlenfeld, the demon seed that wrote the jingles.

TBTL Song of the Day: “Dream Girl” by the Band
My Song of the Day: “Satan” by Rogue Wave

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