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Firm Stance on Flip- Flops

Inspired by Dana Stevens’ screed against flip flops, Luke denounces the “casualization” of America, which I believe is a word Jewel invented. Luke was incensed after eating at Red Lobster and witnessing something disgusting, and I don’t just mean the amount of Cheddar Bay Biscuits he was eating. A man decked out in the apparel of America’s least favorite sports team exposed his stomach to Luke, presumably to demonstrate his biscuit dominance.


We also listen to a news reporter interview a 100 year-old grandma. Unfortunately nothing she said is repeatable on this website. A woman who Luke and Andrew agree is a bit more likable than Zooey Deschanel. I think that people have gotten a little out of hand with their abhorrence (or ad-dor-ance) of the young starlet, which is why I wrote this. M. Ward, on the other hand, deserves all the hatred in the world.

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