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Song Of The Bummer

Listen, if the three people who submitted “Remix” by New Kids on the Block happen to be the same three people who read this blog, you’re banned from here too. It’s worse than the jingles. Not only is it the worth song of the summer submission, it also might be the worst song Loverboy left off their last album. Lorde’s “Royals” on the other hand is pretty good, but you guys should be submitting “Love Club” by Lorde instead. I suggested it at the beginning of this whole contest and it’s way catchier! Why does nobody listen to me?

make josh famous 400x605

While I was high school friends with Josh Katz’s younger brother, and my friends Phil and Darius took over for his bizarre public access show when it went on brief hiatus, I do not endorse his song “Toilet Paper Underwear.” It is slightly better than “Remix” though. Also on the show: it’s revealed that Andrew has had a beard since birth, Luke risked life and limb to cool off from the moderately warm temperatures that set records in Seattle over the weekend, Andrew refuses to make excuses for Alec Baldwin and more (or less)!

TBTL Song of the Day: “Climbing Up the Wall” by Ready Demolition

My Song of the Day: “Stare at the Sun” by Eleanor Friedburger

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