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Weirder Still

Today on the show Luke interviews the legendary Weird Al Yankovic. If you don’t love Weird Al than that night explain why you have a large cavity in your chest where your heart is supposed to be.


I recently exposed my nephews to my nephews to his work. They’re 5 and 7 and huge Michael Jackson fans. I figured there was no way they would love “Eat It” and “Fat.” I was devastated when Clive, the younger of the two, became furious that the man on screen was not the King of Pop himself, and instead some sort of imposter. Luckily about half way through he changed his mind and I had to watch “Fat” fifteen times on a loop. “I love the part where he says ‘I’m fat,” he decried. Me too, Clive, me too.

TBTL Song of the Day: “Perform This Way” by Weird Al

My Song of the Day: “Jurassic Park” by Weird Al

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