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Fat George Clooney

While this episode started out about Golfman, it quickly took a turn for the worst. Not a turn for the worse, a turn for the worst. While Andrew may resemble the mandolin player from a certain insurance company’s advertisements, that doesn’t mean we have to acknowledge their existence. I am not the type of guy that’s easily irritated by commercials but something about those ads infuriates me. The most offensive thing about the casting call that Luke read was that the word “comedy” was mentioned. There is nothing that makes me turn faster for the remote than these advertisements, except of course the ones for Those ads made me destroy furniture and push over children if necessary to change the channel.


I am contractually required to listen to this show (not really), so I was forced to endure several minutes of these jingles that used to make watching TV feel like path-clearing in Afghanistan. After the fourteenth clip I realized the biggest troll on TBTL is not Golfman, it’s Luke becuase he put us through that musical Guantanamo. Also it’s equally torturous to describe Golfman’s Facebook page without allowing us to see it. So if you want to find it for yourself just search for “Ron Upshaw.”

TBTL Song of the Day: “Birthday Party” by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five

My Song of the Day: “Torture” by The Replacements

P.S. I’m not really mad

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