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Couldn’t Take a Punch

Apparently Sarah MacLachlan is so sad in those commercials because she’s surrounded by judgmental animal lovers, as evidenced by Luke’s experience at the Humane Society. I think they are a little too stringent in their selection of adopters, but I assume it’s so guys like this don’t end up with a dog.


That’s the MaliBully that allegedly may or may not have attacked me over the weekend, and as you can see, Luke was spot on with the trucker hats. Also on the show we remember James Gandolfini. I just started watching The Sopranos recently so I have a lot of his great work to still experience. I also loved him in both In The Loop and Where The Wild Things Are, and I tolerated him in The Mexican.

TBTL Song of the Day: “Street Fighting Man” by The Rolling Stones
My Song of the Day: “I’ll Fight” by Wilco


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