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I’ve fallen behind on my blogging because I had my own Tour De Terrible over the weekend. While I had a fantastic time at a divey bowling alley for my girlfriend’s birthday on Saturday, Sunday took a dark turn. We were taking our buddy Dan to Malibu for the first time, and we stopped to get beer and lemonade on the way to the mall. This resulted in a jay-walking maniac attacking me in a drug fueled rage. I didn’t press charges though, because I don’t like my beatings to come with homework. I still got to drink beer and lemonade on the beach though, just with a lot more Advil in my system.


What I missed was the charming Colum McCann, whose book TransAtlantic I can’t wait to read, and I don’t even read books. On Tuesday’s show we get a call from my very close acquaintance and admitted frolfer Andy Haynes. Also on the show, Luke makes awful claims about getting scammed by gypsies, which I do not stand by. If you’re in the Seattle area definitely go to Laff Hole @ Chop Suey Wednesday night with Andy Haynes and Mr. Burbank himself and if you’re anywhere else watch Andy Haynes half hour special on Comedy Central.

TBTL Song of the Day: “Hollywood Nights” by Bob Seger

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