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Quit Your Vining!

On today’s episode Old Man Burbank tells ya about how in his day, “Vining” was how ya got to school each day. I am certifiably a young person at 25 years of age and I’m not into Vine either. I tried for a while, but I really couldn’t figure out a fun way to use it.

That said, I can see how a stand up comic with no day job and a lot of time to fill would find it entertaining. And one such comedian Jason Nash is killing it on Vine. He’s the only reason I ever open the app. He uses the six second video format to do greaf characters like The Waiter Who Over Explains the Concept of Tapas or Dad Who Only Makes Things Worse. While he does bring the characters back, each video stand on it’s own. Here is one of my favorites, Soda Dad:

Also on the show, Andrew gets his hat back, we finally get the update on Kai (the lovable, hatchet-wielding, accused murder) and more!

TBTL Song of the Day: TBTL Song of the Day: “How I Want Ya” by J-Man ft. Lara Wilson (again)

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